Comic book storyteller Josef Rother is a regular contributor to
HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE where their tales explore the fantastic
and the uncanny.
They have worked with artists as diverse as David Lloyd and Donna Barr.
In 2012, Heavy Metal published NIGHTMARES ON THE TOWN,
collecting some of Josef’s best stories.

With artist Eckart Breitschuh, Josef created the fantasy series ARGSTEIN,
taking their readers deep into a dark forest populated by the creatures of German
folklore. Critics described ARGSTEIN as "Hellboy in Lederhosen!"

Their FATHER DRACULA series chronicles the exploits of the
notorious vampire lord after his conversion to Catholicism. These days,
Dracula only drinks the communion wine, the transsubstantiated
Blood of Christ and very nourishing to vampires.

As a translator, Josef has put German words into the
mouths of almost every DC and MARVEL superhero,
including Alan Moore's SWAMP THING.

Josef only ever wears black and is never seen without
their distinctive (and black) pirate bandana.